3. Brazil!

    "If you have the means…I highly recommend it."

    Have had an amazing time in Brazil, amazing culture and amazing people. I was really here to watch this lineup in the surf; she just got in my way.

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    Michael Ormerod, Untitled

    My pal Matthew finally started a tumblr that you ought to follow. It’s new but you can count on a steady stream full of Americana and photos from the West. 

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  6. View from my unofficial residence in Newport. Love the OC!

  7. The “Nuge” on Mt. catherine.

  8. Dan on Rainier.

  9. This is the little snot bubbling turd burgler I have to live with…

  10. Literally my favorite new beer. “He literally grew wings and ascended into Heaven.”

  11. Real talk.

  12. Saw Marty McFly in traffic. Plate said “OUT A TME.”

  13. Awesome day in the Tatoosh in MRNP. Deep.

  15. Sun, Mt. Baker, Elliott on Heliotrope Ridge.