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  2. Life. 

  3. Skull Hollow.

    Outside Smith.

  4. Alice!

  6. Johnny and Lex at Smith Rock.


  7. "I have an iPod filled with ambient music. When you’re travelling with a big band, whether through airports or riding in buses or vans, ambient music is the most soothing way to stand all the personalities that are involved. I used to have a room up front in the Eurobuses, up top. Everyone would come in, and they’d know I’d be in there staring out the window, blaring the ambient jams. It’s also a meditation. Life is a state of mind, so you have to direct it and control it the way you want to. Sometimes you can’t drink a bottle of wine to forget your problems, so you have to put on some ambient music."
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  9. Rollin deep…


  10. shoutsandmumbles:

    Design is more than aesthetic value; it can change a business. A pretty interesting break down of the ways in which design can add value to a business, experience, etc and actually change the bottom line. 

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    A major newspaper. This shit needs to stop.

    I just listened to a solid radio doc via CBC’s ol’ reliable The Sunday Edition about major news outlets going the route of clickbait, mostly in order to stay competitive and survive…highly recommended. 

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  14. Blew off work and shredded the Nisqually chutes! Fun afternoon ski.

  15. The Nissqually chutes.