1. Sun, Mt. Baker, Elliott on Heliotrope Ridge.

  2. Another overworked and underpaid corporate slave day, until this little girl ran through the office giving high fives.

  3. blackyjunkgallery:

    hope you’re still like them.

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  4. castingcalls:

    Lydia Willemina Collins @ Chic

  7. Mt. Catherine tree skiing.

  8. animals-riding-animals:

    dog riding dog

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  10. My favorite art space / bar in Seattle, Vermillion.

  11. pilotpriest:

    Render fun.

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  12. 1982:

    #WhatTheFuture (by thewabisabians)

  13. candiceswanepoel-x:

    VOGUE Brazil January 2014

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  14. cameronr:


    david cross on the misuse of the word “literally”

    don’t know why i haven’t posted this sooner.

    Every time anyone ever says “literally” in my head I say to myself “he LITERALLY ascended to heaven!”

    My favorite.