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    Shibu Natesan (Indian, b. 1966), Against the Wind, 2003. Oil on canvas, 69.5 x 83 in.

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  2. Ferry trip to surf.

  3. Cool vanagon!

  4. Surfed so poorly at Second Beach.

  5. Spaceship to Seattle.

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    How early-20th-century Belgian visionary Paul Otlet envisioned the web:

    For nearly half a century, [Otlet] worked unrelentingly to index and catalog every significant piece of human thought ever published or recorded, building a massive Universal Bibliography of 15 million books, magazines, newspapers, photographs, posters, museum pieces, and other assorted media. His monumental collection was predicated not on ownership but on access and sharing — while amassing it, he kept devising increasingly ambitious schemes for enabling universal access, fostering peaceful relations between nations, and democratizing human knowledge through a global information network he called the “Mundaneum”… Otlet’s work would go on to inspire generations of information science pioneers, including the founding fathers of the modern internet and the world wide web.

    Read the fascinating full story here.

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    Lupe Fiasco Blasts a Dope Freestyle on Sway in the Morning! (by SwaysUniverse)

    the third

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  8. Great shot. 


    Good surfing with you Madison ( @madisondyer ) … Such a classic character with a great attitude on life… Stoked!

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    "Welcome Committee" New design for Title Fight by Well Fed.

  10. La Push.

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    Don’t worry, guys, it looks like the banks have really learned the right lessons this time.

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  13. Bike ride to the bar for some pong.

  14. Afternoon hike up Tiger Mountain.

  15. tenpiggiesover:

    Good hanging with you tonight…