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    Foggy morning alaia session with Nate Chesnut…

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  2. La Push, back entrance to 1st beach.

  4. Surf check.

    La Push.

  5. My brother, the Hammock Man.

  6. Skinny dipping; cold alpine lake swim with my Dad.

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    Robert Crumb, Mr. Natural #2 [Uneeda Comix], 1970.

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  8. "

    The crashes of Flight 370 and Flight 17 are not Malaysia Airlines’ first unusual insurance claims, however. The airline had an unusual claim in 2000 for the total loss of an Airbus A330 traveling in the opposite direction on the same route as Flight 370.

    In that case, a canister of a mysterious Chinese shipment destined for Iran broke open near the end of a trip from Beijing to Kuala Lumpur and began leaking, producing a smell that prompted the captain to conduct an emergency evacuation upon landing of all 266 people aboard. A subsequent investigation found that the hold was contaminated beyond cleaning with mercury and other chemicals that may have been precursors for the manufacture of nerve gas.

    The Malaysian government ended up digging a large hole in the ground near the airport tarmac and burying the entire plane. Insurers paid a full settlement of $90 million.

  9. Backpacking with my Dad and Brother in UT, great quality family time.


  10. "The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say no to almost everything."

    Warren Buffett

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    this is exceptional 

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  12. Julia on her houseboat.

  13. The cloud forest w/ Lola and Erin.


  14. "

    With algorithmic culture, computers and algorithms are allowing a new level of real-time personalization and content selection on an individual basis that just wasn’t possible before. But rather than use these tools to serve our authentic interests, we have built a system that often serves a commercial interest that is often at odds with our interests – that’s corrupt personalization.

    If I use the dominant forms of communication online today (Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) I can expect content customized for others to use my name and my words without my consent, in ways I wouldn’t approve of. Content “personalized” for me includes material I don’t want, and obscures material that I do want. And it does so in a way that I may not be aware of.

    — Fascinating, super relevant post on how algorithms of websites like Facebook are making “our” interests their interests.   (via towerofsleep)

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    Malika Favre

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