1. Poolside at the St. Regis.

  2. Lola as a Wisconsin “Badger Buddy.”

  3. Master Splinter.

  5. Nice little climbing weekend at Vantage with the HHC crew. #hhc2014

  6. BM. 

    Holi High Camp 2014. #HHC2014

  7. BM. 

    Holi High Camp 2014. #HHC2014

  8. BM. 

    Holi High Camp 2014. #HHC2014

  9. BM. 

    Holi High Camp 2014. #HHC2014

  10. Burning Man. 

    Holi High Camp 2014. #HHC2014


  11. peternyc:


    Yesterday I was going through the Garment District in NYC to pick up some trims for production.

    On 38th street, I passed by a man on a single person hydraulic lift. He was 2 stories high, cleaning the facade of a building. I thought to myself “That looks dangerous.”

    In the five minutes it…


  12. "Everyday people make choices that have small or big impacts on their lives and on others. With the recent trend of increasing usability in interface design and product design, the world is becoming an easier place to live in. However, by making technology easier to use, people are making themselves more dependent on the technology. Technology is something that is taking bigger parts of people’s lives, and therefore, making them more vulnerable if something is to happen. Designers have to make sure they are working by the right moral values and to know that every choice they take will inflict on the lives of others."
  13. fakedean:

    I don’t know anything about Night Vale but this is beautiful

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  14. patagonia:

    First session on my self shaped summer board. Hendaye, France

    R1 back zip wetsuit

    Submitted by Borja Irastorza

    Instagram: @bip_irastorza

    By the way, I am a Patagonia San Sebastian store employee

  15. Blue Steel in the mountains.